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  • Ten Tips for Better Sleep

    When it comes to leading a healthy life a regular good night’s sleep may be the most influencing factor. Healthy sleep is pivotal in maintaining emotional balance, strong immunity, good metabolism and a healthy heart.

    To create better awareness on the subject of sleep, we shall discuss in depth, ten tips guaranteed to improve your sleep quality.

  • What's the Ideal Amount of Sleep? Exploring the Benefits of 8 Hours Versus 6 Hours of Sleep

    Sleep is one of the most important functions of the human body. It is vital for rejuvenation of the cells, organs and enhances every part of the system.

    A big question that people have which needs to be answered conclusively is “What is the best amount of sleep to get each day”?

    In this post, we go deep into this question, plus other tips on how to improve sleep quality and build the habits that lead to a healthier life.